Another Sign of the Apocalypse?

As I waited on hold for my radio appearance on the Paul Miller Morning Show on WPHM in Port Huron, Michigan, I heard the newsman report that boxes of Cracker Jack would no longer include a toy. You heard me. The most distinguishing thing about this product was the toy. It sure wasn’t the quality of the caramel corn.

Cracker Jack is replacing the toy with a code for an app through which you can get a digital toy. I mentioned this in my interview when we were discussing the difference between the generation gap in the 1960s and today. I said something like the generation gap between us Baby Boomers and our parents was more ideological and the gap between us and Millennials is more technological.

Paul said kids today would probably rather have the app than the toy. There you go, I said.

Whether the prize was an iron-on tattoo, miniature book or one of those little plastic tops, it was a toy! An an actual toy! Do kids today even play with tops? Do they know what they are? If you could get one of those Cracker Jack tops to spin more than a couple revolutions you were doing good. But we played with them anyway.

If kids today would really rather have the code to an app than a toy, the generation gap is wider than I thought. It could even be yet another sign of the apocalypse.