New Generation of Haters

The good news: Now that most if not all Millennials are of voting age, they are passionately expressing their political voice. The bad news: Our outdated and divisive two-party system seems to have created a new generation of haters. Which of the two parties you vote for defines you as a person and divides you from your fellow citizens. And the bitterness is palpable.

I find it amazing how many of the criticisms of Bernie Sanders by Bernie haters (I’m talking about young people here) are exactly the same as the criticisms Bernie supporters hurl at Donald Trump, whom I would imagine many of the Bernie haters support — that he thinks he’s a savior, his ideas are unrealistic, he thinks he can just fix things by snapping his fingers. Do you hear yourselves?

You guys, you’re all anti-establishment. Bravo and I mean that sincerely. But this polarizing two-party system of ours divides us. It foments this division. It’s not your fault. It has taught you that politics is about winning at all costs. To inspire the passion for one side, you are made to despise the other side. It has conditioned you to demonize the other side, assigning evil motives to honest philosophical differences.

Worst of all is that nowhere in the dialogue is there acknowledgement that we’re more alike than different in what we all want in life. It’s a shame that people who have no other reason to dislike each other literally seen to hate each other because one votes Republican and one votes Democrat. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.