Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my first blog post. (The book excerpt the publisher put there doesn’t count.) I am not sure what the content of this blog will be going forward. I suppose it should help promote NOW They Make it Legal but really, if you want to buy the book, I thank you, but I can’t make you.

I suppose with a presidential election next year, I may get a little political, expanding on some themes I introduce toward the end of NOW They Make it Legal.  If I do, I will try to do it without fomenting the hate and division this dang-blasted two-party system of ours has created. Tolerance and respect for the views of those with whom we disagree passionately is difficult. But we must be more open-minded if we are ever to find enough common ground to live together comfortably as a nation and a world. Hate is bad for the soul. I’d like to use this blog to promote intelligent discussion without the bitterness.

But first, I need to see if I can actually publish this thing. Then, I have to figure out how to allow for comments, post tags and other technical features I haven’t grasped yet. Once I get these things down, I hope to be back at you with more substantive content in the future.